Responding to God's Call to Pastor

On a recent ROOTS M-Project to Antakya, Turkey a young man, Bill, heard the call of God to become a pastor. "What do I do now?" he asked Jacques Avakian and me. Perhaps your church has young leaders asking the same question. Here's help. gives 7 recommendations to prepare, including get experience in a secular job. Thom Rainer lists 10 things pastors wish they knew before entering the ministry, including how to deal with power groups in the church. Lots of comments, including grumpy ones. Want more things to know? Here's 20, including it will be the hardest thing you ever do and people will avoid you and act weird because you're a pastor and spiritual warfare is real, and the enemy will attack you and your family in ways you never imagined. Bracing.

Patheos gives 7 important steps to become a pastor, including a threefold call to ministry.. Interesting. What does a pastor do? John Piper says, preach the Word! Perhaps seeing what you'd be asked when interviewed by a church can help. One is iffy - can you spot it?