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Breakout Session Recordings (click on titles to watch that session)

Missional Clarity in a Post-Evangelical Era

JEFF CHRISTOPHERSON is about fostering Kingdom movements of multiplying churches that transform neighborhoods and the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Jeff serves as Missiologist and Co-founder of the Send Institute, Executive Director of Church Planting Canada, Multiplying Catalyst of CNBC, co-vocational pastor of The Sanctuary, Oakville, and weekly contributor to Christianity Today. He is the author of Venal Dogmata: A Parable of the Future Church, Kingdom Matrix: Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God, and Kingdom First: Starting Churches That Shape Movements. He and his wife, Laura, live in Cambridge, Ontario. They have two married children, Kelley and James.

Isolation Kills

Throughout the course of the pandemic, one theme has emerged throughout the world – isolation.  We have more ways to connect than ever before but still feel isolated and lonely.  Regulations tell us to stay apart physically but we also find ourselves disconnected mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually – even in our own families and church families.  In this session, we will discuss some ways to serve ourselves and each other as we move forward from this time of isolation and loneliness.

HOLLY PROCITA works for NAMB-Canada with Send Calgary and the Church Planter Assessment team.  Holly used her time during COVID to add Enneagram Coach, Professional Life Coach and Peer Support Trainer certifications to her resume.  While not a certified counselor, Holly enjoys walking with people on their mental health journeys to recovery.  In her free time, Holly can be found at her happy places – Lake Louise or on the volleyball court.

Reboot Your Walk With God

JESSIE TAILLON is wife to JP and mom to three kids. She loves being in community with others and has a passion for pursuing the full life Jesus promises. Jessie enjoys playing sports, traveling, and drinking chai lattes with friends. She lives in Cochrane, AB and serves at Pathway Church. She is the co-leader of "Moms Cafe," a ministry to Cochrane moms.

In this session, Find out how feeling stuck can fuel the change needed to keep following Jesus.




Reboot How to Make Disciples

JEREMIAH CAPULE will talk about how to make disciples in this world and the culture we find ourselves in. God has us here for "such a time as this" to introduce people to Jesus and make disciples.

Jeremiah is a NAMB Church Planter who has planted churches in Canada and the Philippines. He used his church planting and scuba diving experience to train new believers in how to make disciples effectively




Recalibrate to Reboot your Spiritual Life. (IN FRENCH)

Living life every day is one thing, but knowing the reason for living is quite another thing. Life can sometimes involve great concerns, responsibilities, and continual challenges. Our spiritual life can be so drained that we don't have enough strength to go up the hill. The quality of our walk with God can also be affected because of this. We need to have a new perspective that will greatly influence this walk towards a beautiful growth in faith. What keeps you motivated in the growth of your spiritual life? This life is so changeable, so fluctuating and so unstable. Where are you currently in your walk with the Lord? Are you tired and worn out?

JEAN MARC PRINCIVIL wlll use this session to encourage you, to refresh, and to motivate you in order to reboot properly your spiritual life with God every day from a perspective that draws strength from the source of life.

Reboot Your Passion for Jesus (IN SPANISH)

In this session FRANCISCO AULAR will talk about how to start a movement where prayer, evangelism and discipleship are our driving force. 

Pastor Francisco is the founder of The Evangelistic Marches in Latin America. His vision took the Venezuelan Convention from 50 churches to 1000 churches in 30 years. He has planted churches in Latin America, USA, and through his VISION 2020, discipled a team of seven church planters who have planted 11 Hispanic churches in Canada in seven years. 



Less Religion and More Relationships in Your Work Setting (IN KOREAN)

SUNGHO MOON is a senior engineer in a cosmetic company and is currently a NAMB Church Planter in Vancouver. His experience in church planting in Asia and across Canada has given him the ability to be an expert in connecting with lost people and how to build relationships in order to evangelize and make disciples.








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2021 Business Results

National Leadership Board and CNBC Foundation

JD Faolino Term 4 ON
Greg McGraw Term 4 MB
Jacques Avakian Term 3 QC
Victor Sommers Term 3 ATL
Johanne Zolc Term 3 SK
Bo Neal Term 2 AB
Janet Campbel Term 1 AB







CNBC President

Bo Neal - Southwinds Baptist Church

Bo has a great heart and vision for the CNBC. He is a very trusted leader and has very high character. He has been keenly involved in church planting and has a proven track record of leadership within the Canadian National Baptist Convention. He has pastored long term in a very healthy CNBC church. 



CNBC First Vice-President

JD Fasolino - Emmanuel Baptist Church East

JD is a proven leader. He has led well in all aspects as the planter/pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church East (EBC East). He leads with integrity and with an incredible passion for the Kingdom of God.
JD is a multiplier. He leads the team at EBC East to develop leaders. They have already sent out one church to be planted and have several leaders in their leadership pipeline that will be moving towards being a church planter or on church planting teams.
JD is a collaborator. Over the years, JD works so well with others as he leads alongside the VIsion 2020 crew for new Spanish churches. JD is the Toronto church planter assessment director and also serves on the Send Toronto team. He brings not only his own gifts God has given him, but he also draws out the gifts of others on the team.

CNBC Second Vice-President

Dick Hale - Worsley Baptist Church

Dick has pastored the same church for 37 years.  He has a wealth of spiritual insight and knowledge.  His church works hard to reach their community for Christ.  My church was blessed to partner with his church to do VBS and Sports Camps in their community.  Dick has led his church to be a team player in the convention and a faithful and generous supporter of the Cooperative Program. 

I would be honoured to nominate Dick Hale to serve as Second Vice President for the CNBC. Shane Spannagel, Ph.D. - Senior Pastor, Richmond Hill Baptist, Calgary, Alberta


Seminary Name Change

The new name of the Seminary is:  Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary and College

Congrats to CBTS&C!!



Seminary Trustees

Derek Jones Term 4 NB
Larry Bateman Term 3 SBC
Jessica Holmes Term 2 BC
Chuck Morton Term 2 SBC
Bob Shelton Term 2 AB
Tim Yancy Term 2 SBC
James Cho Term 1 AB
Laura Christopherson Term 1      ON