Questions to help analyze your small group

 A new year... good time to analyze small groups in your church. Mark Howell lists 10 diagnostic questions, including these:

Are the pastors and leaders in groups or leading a group?
Do the people in the congregation continually hear about groups?
If someone wanted to join a group today, what would you tell them to do?
Are stories of transformation that occur in the small groups shared with the church?
Is there a clear path for worship service attenders to get from pew to group, from sitting in rows to sitting in circles?

"The unexamined life is not worth living" -- true of small groups too. You'll find all ten questions here.

Small Group Resolutions

Need 2016 resolutions for your small group ministry? A good question to ask your group leaders. Here's four you can consider:

Determine the percentage (of the age/interest group) you'd like to get to by fall/16
Consider how you could add a new group
Think through the training needs your small group leaders need.
What habits should you develop to help you thrive in your role as small group leader/coach?

More detail here if you're interested.

Paul Johnson
CNBC Church Strengthening Team Leader