Psalms, the Disciple's Prayer Book


Psalms is the believer’s prayer book. A Disciple who wants to pray will end up in Psalms. Why? One good reason: because Jesus prayed the Psalms (he quoted from two Psalms on the cross). A DiscipleMaker can introduce young Disciples to this inspired source of prayers, starting a lifelong practice of praying the Psalms.

Intro: Ps 1-5 prepare us for prayer. Ps. 1 & 2 aren't prayers, but incentives to pray. They start and end with happiness, (blessed 1.1, 2.12)

Ps 3 is a sampler of real, not nice, praying. It’s the cry for help by King David during the revolt led by his son Absalom. 

Ps 4 is a quiet, evening psalm, training us to conclude the day by processing our anger (v. 4) and experiences with God. Ps 5 is a morning prayer, anticipating possibilities for good/evil by offering the day to God and watching (v. 3) for his work.

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