Praying for those seeking God

God answers prayer, and urges us to pray for those who aren't Christians. Prayer is a conversation between two lovers about something of mutual interest. For sure, a DiscipleMaker is interested to see the not Curious start seeking God, then become a Believer. This app helps someone pray for their family and friends, using the Word to guide the prayers. Some insights:

3•1•6: Use the most famous verse in the Bible, John 3.16, to remind you to pray. Pray for 3 persons once a day, 6 days a week.  

Start: begin to pray for your friends right now.  Don’t wait to be trained.  Don’t wait for the right words. Just start.  

Genesis 1: Imagine God’s Spirit brooding over the chaos of the first creation.  Now imagine the Spirit brooding over your friend’s life. Beg God to say Light and Life to begin a new creation in your friend. 

John 11: Beg Jesus to call your friend’s name like he did Lazarus and give him/her eternal life.

To read or download the complete app, click here to download pdf.