Pray for the Harvest 2017


Your church is invited to Pray for the Harvest during the month of May. We want to see God move in a powerful way across our country. Never before in our history have we sensed a greater need to corporately call on God through prayer.

God answers prayer.

Last May during Pray for the Harvest a young woman was invited to attend our church by her friend. At the end of the service I welcomed her and talked with her about Pray for the Harvest. Right in the middle of our conversation she decided to follow Jesus. The harvest is plentiful!

“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Luke 10:2b NIV).

To reach people in the harvest field with the gospel we must pray. To see lost people enter into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, we must pray for their salvation.

Prayer Walking: Intercession on Location

In Luke 10:16 Jesus sent the disciples out two by two, expecting them to engage and encounter people who needed to hear the Gospel.

I challenge you to pray, without closing your eyes or bowing your head, as you walk around your neighbourhood. The first time I went prayer walking it felt a little awkward. Now it is thrilling to talk with God as I walk in my community, interceding for people who have spiritual needs. As you prayer walk, observe the people and the places. Do not be afraid to stop and talk to people.

“Prayer walking is intercession on location with information in cooperation against opposition for glorification.”1

Links to Resources

Click titles  below for weekly devotions

1: How Should We Live?

3: Boldness to Speak

2: Sharing the Gospel

4: Power to be His Witnesses

Click here to download a 30-minute audio guide. The guide is designed to direct and inspire you as you prayer walk through your community. You will hear soft music, scripture and prayer prompts every five minutes as you walk and pray. Click here for more prayer walking resources.
Click here for the 2017 interactive prayer calendar. Each day has scripture verse reference which links to the scripture and suggestion for daily individual prayer.
Click here for printable prayer calendars in 11 languages (including English for those who prefer a printable calendar).

Weekly inspirational videos. Watch the video online, download or play them online for use in your church on

Aprl 30       May 14

May 7        May 21

Click here for graphics to enhance your promotion of Pray for the Harvest in your bulletin, on your website and social media sites, and in your slideshow presentations.
Click here for printable prayer cards. For a more hands-on approach to prayer print these prayer cards to keep a reminder list of people you are praying for. These are available in English, Arabic, French, Korean, Tagalog, Farsi and Chinese.

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1Prayer Walking, Dan Crawford p. 26