Practicing Solitude: giving God private time


Lovers want to get alone! Romance does that to us all. Same with Disciples who start loving God back. They look for get-alone time with him. This time is intentional, not accidental; planned, not haphazard. It can become intense, even passionate, like romance develops.  Helping a disciple practice Solitude enables them to deepen in love and respond quickly to God.

Jesus’ Example:  Jesus lived in unbroken connection to Father-God. At times he deliberately found time for solitude. Even when busy or surrounded by crowds, Jesus found time to be alone. Before important decisions, he made undistracted time. This is the mark of a Disciple: solitude with God.

Nuts and Bolts: Help the Disciple customize Solitude for themselves. Remember, it looks different for each Christian.  A single mom with two preschoolers?... different from a senior with lots of time. A student in grad school?... different from a cross-country truck driver. God doesn’t micro-manage and regiment us, so we shouldn’t with a Disciple.  Give them freedom to design solitude for themselves.  Btw, the Bible doesn’t command when to practice solitude. Perhaps early morning works best. For a young mom, perhaps while her baby naps. A student may prefer late at night. One young adult got 40 minutes of Solitude on the bus riding to work. Suggestion: start with 10 minutes, 5 to listen to God, 5 to talk to him (see app 9:59 Plan). 

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