Practicing and Training in Prayer

We all need encouragement to pray, all need training to pray. Here's help. The Cycle of Prayer gives great perspective, how prayer works. It has Aha moments built in! Jim Cymbala pastors Brooklyn Tab, a church built on prayer. He recounts their history and what desperate, prevailing prayer (30:15) looks like. Want your congregation to be a House of Prayer? Jim preaches on it. (51:19). He always delivers. He talks about break-through prayer in this interview.

Want prayers your church can use corporately? Here's seven life-changing ones. Prayer for your pastor? This will help, five areas of need. Can't pray? Three ways to press through the barrier.

Some books on prayer I read recently, good summer reading. JI Packer's Praying. My favorite theologian. Tim Keller's Prayer. Superb! Oh, Richard Foster's Prayer, where I discovered breath-praying. I train people in breath prayers, it's so helpful. Something short and sweet (and profound?): Ole Hallesby's Prayer. Changed my life as a young man, that book did.