Pondering how to care for New Believers

How crucial it is to care for new believers immediately. This pastor talks of three mistakes we make, including new Christians aren't given a clear next step. Worth the read.  This compares a new believer to a newborn child (from The Incredible Patience of God: Along the Road to Spiritual Maturity by Lane Adams). It has such analogies as sleeps a lot, and messes his/her diaper with astounding regularity. Lots of advice, if you need it. Here, wise counsel from a former IMB missionary about primary care, including listen! and the first 48 hours are critical for contact. And more here, using "R's" like Remember and Realize. And 4 commitments to make to a new believer.

What are new believers facing? How about 11 questions that trouble them, including will I sin again? (yes!) and will God speak to me? Here are 20 tips for new believers, including start a journal of your fav verses and find a mentor.