Policy - Business Travel for Support Staff


Business Travel for Support Staff


Some of our support staff are required to use their vehicles for CNBC ministry, while others may be asked to run an errand for the office. Effective immediately, the CNBC will reimburse such travel expense for support staff as follows:

  1. The employee’s supervisor must be aware of and approve the travel expense.

  2. A travel log must be completed and turned in for reimbursement. This log will include purpose of trip and number of kilometers driven. 

  3. The travel expense will be reimbursed at the current convention rate of $.54 per kilometer.

This policy includes the following conditions: 

  1. The employee must have a current driver’s license

  2. The employee’s car registration and insurance must be current

  3. The employee is responsible for any speeding tickets

  4. The employee accepts full responsibility in the event of an accident

  5. Employee will not use his/her cell phone, text message, surf the internet, receive or respond to emails, check for messages or any other such activity on his/her cell phone while driving.


November 2016