Passion Church Canada

Passion Canada
We live and promote Passion for God, Passion for People, Passion for the Lost , and Passion for the World.
We preach the Gospel, train leaders, and aid in the planting, strengthening, and multiplying of churches in
Quebec, Canada and around the world.

Gathering Hours
Sunday French coming soon
Sunday English 10.00am - 11.10am
Wednesday 7.00pm - 8.10pm

We are Passion Church Montreal. We are "The Church for people that don't like (traditional) Church". As an "Alternative Church" we provide a safe environment and a loving atmosphere without pushing anyone to become part of an organization but rather to find their journey in life fulfilling their God'given destiny.
Local Pastor Tony Silveira leads Passion with fresh vision to see Montreal and surrounding areas won for Christ and to see people’s hearts set ablaze for the Kingdom of God. With that vision in mind, we are moving full steam ahead with excitement at what God is doing through our local church.
Our vision is to create extension campus in all the main areas of Montreal
Passion Canada is a gathering of Christians where you can be you. There is no dress code. There is no secret handshake in order to fit in. And there are no perfect people allowed. In fact, Passion Ministries is made up of people who have questions and doubts. We like to say that we are a safe place to ask the hard questions about God and faith. Being a part of the community at Passion Ministries isn't contingent on believing the right things or even knowing what you believe. We accept everyone for who they are.. Passion Canada wants to be all about the movement of God's grace that we see through Jesus' love in our world. We want to be about that, not the institution.

Our Mission
The Mission of "PASSION" is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Chist with relevance to our generation in new and cretive ways! We live and promote Passion for God, Passion for People, Passion for th Lost (those without hope), and Passion for the World (our missionary department).
We preach the Gospel, train leaders, and aid in the planting, strengthening, and multiplying of churches in Quebec, Canada and around the world.

We are a nondenominational missionary organization dedicated to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you." (Matt. 28:19,20a).

Our motto is: Passion for God, Passion for People, Passion for the Lost, and Passion for our World.

PASTOR TONY SILVEIRA - Founder and CEO of Passion Canada · Church Planter
Pastor Luis Zamora - French Ministries - Teaching Pastor
Sara S SIlveira - Children Ministries - Kidz Church

We are affiliated with CNBC and a mission of NAMB

Pastor Tony - Church Planter
Serving God and others in full-time positions since 1985. Missionary, Pastor and Church planter Tony Silveira is happily married to his wife Sara and together have three Children, David ; Sara; and Andrew. He is also an Entrepreneur and a well known Graphic Artist and a Web Developer.
Tony was saved from drug addiction by a miracle and started attending a local Church in Lisbon, Portugal. He did 1 year rehab program at Teen Challenge. After completing this Christian rehab program he stayed at the TC Centre for a period of two years helping others to become addiction free and opening two "Coffee Houses" for drug addiction Rehabilitation. He got married in 1987 and with his wife attended Bible School at Mount Hope Bible Institute. Tony started working as a Church planter in different Ministries. Soon he established five Churches in Portugal both in small and big cities. After the fall of the Berlin Wall he and Sara felt a call to minister in the former communist countries and moved to Sweden where they joined a School of Missions.

In 1995 the family moved to Toronto, Canada and there planted 8 Churches in seven different locations of Southern Ontario (Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge, Brampton, London, Missisauga, Kitchener) These locations offered services in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Urdu. During this season he travelled to Africa, Europe and South America doing Evangelistic Campaigns and getting involved in Church planting. He helped to establish the beginnings of Carisma Church in Angola, a vibrant new denomination with more than 20,000 members with Churches in every major city in that country. For almost two years they travelled through Europe doing evangelistic campaigns.
in 2005 the family moved to Montreal to plant an English speaking congregation in partnership with a French speaking Church. Tony and Sara where involved in administration as the ministry grew to more than 3,000 members. In 2009 Tony decided to move to an English-speaking ministry and accepted a position at the South Shore Community Church (a traditional Church that was on decline), he became the Senior Pastor of the congregation and helped planting a French speaking Church. Tony also lead an Aboriginal Church in Mohawk territory.

Tony started a Food bank on Montreal South Shore that was feeding an average of 200 people every week in that local Church. He started regular ministry to First Nations in Kahnawake, Kenessatake and Jame Bay Cree Nation.
Three years later Tony felt guided by the Lord to resign from his position and in 2012 he started “Passion Canada”, an Evangelistic Association in Montreal and he is presently planting a different model of Churches that appeal to people that don’t like traditional Churches and reject any form of “organized religion”.

In 2014 he joined CNBC (Canadian National Baptist Convention) and partenered with NAMB (North America Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention). Tony is involved in a Church planting project in a “Multiplication Centre” model.

Passion Church in Longueuil (Montreal South Shore) is the first Congregation of this project and is being launched in 2014 as an Outreach Church focusing in reaching young professionals and marketplace leaders.

The Church is strongly focused in Internet ministry and Social Media Outreach. All services are opened to the world to watch over the internet in a Studio facility recentely opoened in the main business district of the region.

Tony is also a Coach and a mentor to many of the people that join Passion Church
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