Pandemic Ministry

Medieval maps were edged with, Here be dragons. We all can identify, our uncharted territory in the pandemic. What to do? Get up to speed.

Ed Stetzer in a SEND network podcast, The Crisis is still coming (23.22), says we're at Phase 1 (Pause & Pivot), perhaps Phase 2 ((Prepare and Plan). It will get much worse: Phase 3 (Engagement) and Phase 4 (Engagement) are yet to come. Ed's intriguing analogy: to play competitive chess, remove the queen. In our congregations we've just had the queen - Sunday worship - removed. Now what? Work on your jigsaw puzzle and listen hard - I did.

SEND Institute's Jeff Christopherson and Ed Stetzer have three Webinars to give perspective. The first, Lockdown (1:10:27) shows European churches adapting to no gatherings. The second, Ready or Not? (1:03:39) challenges us to be missional. The third (coming Apr 2) will be Stories from the Front (Register here). 

Sense the spiritual landscape shifting under your feet? Here's Jeff's take on it, Sovereign Conditions for Gospel Movement

Plus this, the greatest gospel question of the moment? (Not telling - you'll have to look...) 

Paul Johnson
CNBC Team Leader, Church Strengthening


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