Gospel Music Draws People to Christ

By Maurice Tenkink          

Ivan and Bernice are a couple dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the aboriginal peoples in both Canada and America.

Ivan was drawn to Christ by music. When his brother left for church on Sunday mornings Ivan would sneak to his brother’s room and listen to the latest cassette and/or CD. He would not go to church with his brother but would listen to his Christian music, never telling him!

In all of Ivan’s resistance, God was patient. One day, as he was passing a Gospel Jamboree, Ivan went into the tent to listen to the music. He sat at the back to remain anonymous but as the Spirit worked in Ivan’s heart, he was propelled forward and gave his life to Christ. 

What followed was freedom from alcohol and an inner peace knowing what Christ did to change his life. Now Ivan and his brother share Gospel music as brothers in the Lord.

As Ivan was drawn to Christ by Christian music, he now uses this medium to share his faith and preach the word of God.

Ivan and Bernice travel from BC to Ontario and into the US playing at Jamborees, singing words that penetrate the heart and draw people to Christ. Both Ivan and Bernice work full time in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and when they do not have shifts on Sundays or Saturdays they take the Gospel to the aboriginal people in the way God led Ivan to Himself.

Ivan is the main singer in our “Minjams” in Prince Albert, and finds other aboriginal singers to join us. Bernice is the fellowship leader as she works with a few other couples to put on a meal when the music stops at 9:00 pm Sunday evenings. We can usually count on someone bringing bannock.

Another ministry stream for Ivan is Facebook (FB). He records songs, putting them on his FB page where his music that he has dedicated to the Lord reaches in to homes across Canada and the aboriginal world. It is amazing when they livestream a song during the Minjams, to see where around the world the “likes” and responses come from. Ivan and Bernice Chartrand are ministering in their backyard and around the world.

Please pray for this couple as God takes them to minister from their home to the outer reaches of the world.