Meet our New CNBC Missionary!

Cesar Parra, Team Leader for Missions and Evangelism, says this about our new CNBC Missionary:

“Talia is the missionary name given to our new CNBC missionary. We cannot use her real name because she is in a high security country. God has put in her heart a people group in a country where you can lose your life if you get caught preaching the Gospel. Join us in praying for Talia as she embarks on this new journey.

  • PRAY for her protection
  • PRAY as she adapts to a new country, the culture, and a new way of life
  • PRAY for the team she will be working with
  • PRAY for lostness in her area."

Talia says, "Thanks for giving to GMO," here. If you would like printed prayer cards for Talia, please contact Lovella Penaranda-Dizon