LIVE2LIVE across Canada

By Hanna Greenwood

“You don’t have to live for these things that are going to pass away, and these things that are going to die, but you can LIVE2LIVE for Christ,” proclaimed Daniel Spelliscy.

That was the resounding message at last month’s LIVE2LIVE Alberta event. Evangelist Daniel Spelliscy shared his story with youth gathered at Bow Valley Baptist Church in Cochrane, Alberta, the night of April 12. His vulnerability about real-life struggles from his past challenged the students to consider what they are really living for. It is time to really LIVE2LIVE—that is, to live for Christ!

This was the Alberta Youth Evangelism Team’s (YET) second time hosting the event. With over 70 youth in attendance and numerous churches representing CNBC Alberta South, it was a huge success.

The LIVE2LIVE night is designed as an evangelistic youth rally where churched youth are encouraged to invite and bring a friend for a night of games, food, music, and fun. Before each LIVE2LIVE, the local YET encourages their churched youth to consider who they would like to bring, by casting the “Who’s Your ONE?” evangelistic campaign vision. Each youth committed to bringing a friend who needs to hear and respond to the Gospel.

LIVE2LIVE started with games and music from local YET members, continued with an artistic presentation from Calgary illusionist Atsushi Ono, and ended with a Gospel presentation as youth were invited to repent from sin and believe in Jesus. Six youth made a decision for Christ that night!

Alberta is the first province to host LIVE2LIVE for a second time, meaning this movement is beginning to spread. It has been amazing to watch God at work through these events that have also been held in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. We know He has big things in store for future LIVE2LIVE events. Ultimately, our goal is to invite youth from all over Canada to the 2020 CNBC Convention, in Toronto, for the first nationwide LIVE2LIVE rally!

If you would like to host a LIVE2LIVE event or start a YET for your region, please contact Cesar Parra at

Reprinted from the June 2019 CNBC Horizon. Read more here.