LIVE2LIVE: Saskatoon

By Sophia Fish 

On Friday, November 16, Faith Baptist Church, Saskatoon, hosted the "Live 2 Live" event in partnership with the Canadain Southern Baptist Seminary & College, the CNBC and CNBC Saskatchewan. The first Live 2 Live was held in Cochrane, Alberta, the next one in British Columbia and then Saskatchewan, with plans to continue the event in other provinces across Canada. 

This event is intended for all youth to bring their non-Christian friends. Its purpose is to get youth to start evangelizing in their communities and with their friends. 

The Lord was at work drawing kids to HImself that night. We were not sure how many kids would come; we knew about 40 would be there. But there were almost 100 people in the church by the end of the night. 

We started off with some music and games. Then, Curtis Strauss put on a show for us. He is an allusionist from Saskatoon and does sleight of hand tricks that amazed us all. He was interactive and fun to watch, even taking the time to show us how he does some of his tricks. 

After Curtis's show, our worship music was led by Jake and his great team. Then Cesar Parra came up to share the Gospel message. God used Cesar that night. He has a powerful testimony of how God can take someone and completely change their life. He was real and interactive and kept the youth engaged during the whole talk. He proclaimed the Gospel boldly and it was powerful. He explained that with Jesus, we can live to live again. God was drawing youth to himself. 

Cesar ended the night by asking if anyone wanted to make a decision to follow Jesus and at least four peopel put their hands up saying that they had made a decision. Praise the Lord! 

On Saturday we had an evangelism training day with Cesar and seminary professores, Dr. Glenn Watson and Dr. John Charping. This was for the youth, the leaders and the whole church. They taught about how and why we share the Gospel with others. We were so blessed to have these speakers and professors come and share their hearts for the Gospel. 

Needless to say, we have many things to praise God for! He brought an amazing team from the seminary to serve at our church. God was at work in the hearts of many, and many people were encouraged. It was such a joy to be able to host the night at Faith Baptist. 

Please be in prayer for the team from Cochrane as they take this event to the rest of Canada. 


Reprinted from the December 2018 CNBC Horizon. Read more here.