"Not Finished YET!"....Until all youth in Canada have heard and responded to the Gospel! 

LIVE2LIVE is an evangelistic youth rally hosted by the CNBC's YET Team - Youth Evangelism Team. The event is a highlight of the YET Movement, as youth are encouraged to bring their lost friends to a night of great music, games, food, and fun. At the end of the event, a Gospel presentation is given and youth are invited to respond. 

The next day, all LIVE2LIVE youth are invited to an evangelism training seminar where they are challenged with the evangelistic vision, D52. Youth are challenged to devote their live's to God's word, pray for their lost friends, direct their lives towards lost people, develop relationships, declare the Gospel, and disciple new believers. 

In 2020, the YET Team desires to have all LIVE2LIVE youth join the CNBC Annual Convention in Toronto for the first nation wide LIVE2LIVE event. Between now and then, LIVE2LIVE will continue making it's way across Canada. 

For information of how to get a LIVE2LIVE event started in your region, please contact Cesar Parra and follow us on Instagram

"I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the ends fo the earth" (Isaiah 49:6)