Study Together in Bible Study


A DiscipleMaker trains a Disciple to become a lifelong Jesus-learner. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach [lit: disciple] you... (Matt 11.29a). 

The Bible is our primary way to know God. Like Jesus, it’s both divine and human. We receive God-communications through his Word, because God speaks directly to us as we study. 

Why Study together? We ought to study God’s word personally. Jesus did, as early as 12 years old (Lk 2.45-47). We should too. But not just by ourselves.

Study is a get-together discipline as well as get-alone. Why? A group can really motivate us. Others’ observations and personal experiences can stretch our understanding. A mature, gifted teacher can give insights into the Bible.

Suggestion: urge the Disciple to find a large group to worship with, a small group to study with, and a (mature) study-buddy to pray with/ be accountable to. For the rest of their lives.

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