La Chapelle baptized 75 believers in 2018

La Chapelle, a CNBC church in Montreal, Quebec, describes itself as a fellowship of believers, made in God’s image and called as disciples of Christ to share the Good News with everyone through learning, listening, praying and actively working together to reach out to the surrounding communities.

In November La Chapelle celebrated 46 baptisms, bringing the total to 75 for 2018. Each person baptized has their own unique story. Here are two of those stories:

Marie-Ève Michaud, a young teacher, found one of La Chapelle’s flyers on a bench; it was the prayer meeting flyer that the church prints once every month. She glanced at it but set it aside without further thought. Later that same week, when she found an identical flyer, she decided to take a closer look. She found the address of the venue, chose to attend, and had a great time at the service—a major potluck and prayer event. Marie-Ève then decided to attend the Sunday gathering, held at a separate address. She committed her life to Jesus, and decided to get baptized after attending the baptism class. Having grown up in a non-Christian environment, Marie-Ève now has a new desire to live her life at peace with herself and those around her.

“I love this story,” says Josias Laporte, pastor at La Chapelle, “because it links the sovereignty of God (attracting people to Himself) and the work, creativity and simplicity of La Chapelle: a simple flyer made all the difference.”

Melanie heard about La Chapelle through a television report done a few months earlier. After hearing their slogan, “A church for the unchurched,” she said to herself, “This is a church for me.” She visited—and loved the people and the atmosphere. She saw someone she knew who happened to be one of the worship pastors who also sings with his band in a Montreal theatre. Melanie felt at peace, gave her life to Jesus, got baptized—and is now being discipled.

At La Chapelle baptisms are truly a time of celebration. A special place is dedicated for the event, worship songs are sung during the service, and each time the candidate comes up out of the water, the crowd applauds enthusiastically. A week after their baptism, new members are invited to a dinner party. Apart from the food and games, there is good music, along with the sharing of testimonies and congratulatory certificates. All these added touches make the moment memorable.

Naturally families, friends and coworkers are invited, so baptism Sundays draw a large crowd. Many first-timers attend these services in order to support their loved one, and often they are touched by the message and make their way to the welcome kiosk.

“La Chappelle’s philosophy is to make disciples while they are serving with us,” says Pastor Josias. As a result, some attendees were already serving before getting baptized. “Some serve as part of our coffee team, security team, greeting team, welcoming team, set up and tear down team, communication team, or in the nursery. As long as it’s not a leadership role, we facilitate access to various teams because we believe it’s a way of making disciples. Newcomers connect with more mature leaders and build relationships which helps them draw closer to Christ and the life of His church.”

One last story: Two siblings decided to get baptized without first talking to each other. (One attends La Chapelle Mile End.) Only while attending baptism class together did they find out they had made the same decision! When they witnessed each other’s baptism, the whole congregation joined in the beauty of the moment: their mother, the siblings, the musicians, and even the photographers were crying. It was a special moment for all. (They also got to baptize each other with the help of the Mile End pastor.)

Reprinted from the December 2018 CNBC Horizon. Read more here.