January Bible Study: Jeremiah

By Paul Johnson

When I was a fulltime pastor, I did January Bible Study each year. I immersed myself in a Bible book, field-tested my teaching in another church, then did it for my own congregation. Imagine the positive vibes of studying God's Word indepth together. I loved it. If you're interested, LifeWay features Jeremiah: Faithful to the Task this year. Leader guide here.

Bible Project has an excellent video overview (7:15) (all their Bible book overviews are superb!). Here's Chuck Swindoll's audio intro (27.16). J Vernon McGee calls Jeremiah "God's Crybaby" (meant positively). Christian Courier gives a detailed overview, including such themes as repentance and prophecy. This overview emphasizes hope and the new covenant. Talk Through the Bible has a PDF detailed outline. BibleHubreferences various commentaries on Jeremiah. Theology of Work has good summaries of Jeremiah (and Lamentations).

Chuck Smith goes chapter-by-chapter through Jeremiah.  IV Press has a study guide, Jeremiah: Demanding Love. Likewise a 12 week study by JI Packer, Dane Ortland and Lane Dennis. And Kay Arthur's study in Jeremiah, Precepts for Life, Pt 1 (free). Plus one by Jeff Smith, a study guide with Q&A.

Tim Keller gives a theology of the city from Cru, based on Jeremiah 29. And the Gospel Coalition asks, Does Jer. 29.11 apply to you? Maybe...