Invitation for Cuba Vision Trip Feb-Mar 2018

This is an invitation for leaders of our CNBC churches to participate in a vision mission trip to Eastern Cuba February 23-March 2, 2018.

Cuba has seen an explosion of Christian faith in the past two decades. A true church planting movement is taking place there. Our CNBC churches have established a formal partnership with both the Baptist Convention of Eastern Cuba and the Baptist Convention of Western Canada. Part of our partnership involves using vision tours to Cuba to introduce CNBC leaders to projects and opportunities there. See for information about our Cuban partnership.

We are planning a vision tour of Eastern Cuba.Feb. 23-March 2, 2018.  
(note: dates may flex by a day or two based upon available transportation). 

During this vision tour those attending will be introduced to leaders of the Eastern Baptist Convention of Cuba.  They will be shown numerous ways that their churches can partner in Cuba. They will also experience the explosion of faith happening in Cuba and will have the opportunity to visit in homes of church planters, pastors and church leaders in Eastern Cuba.

There may be an opportunity to minister in the areas impacted by hurricane Irma in North Central Cuba.  We are investigating the logistics of including a vision tour to the impacted area. 

There is also the option to extend the mission trip a second week to include flying across Cuba to Old Havana to participate in the Baptist Convention of Western Cuba's annual meeting March 2-9. We will be able to connect with many of the leaders of the Western Baptist Convention.

One to Three leaders of any of our CNBC churches are invited to participate in this vision tour.  Because of transportation and housing limitations there is a limit to how many people can attend this vision trip.  Therefore it is important to respond quickly to this invitation.

Deadline to Apply:  Monday Nov. 10, 2017  Religious Visa applications are required 3 months ahead of the trip.  $200 for the religious visa application and $300 deposit will be required on this day. 

  • Estimated Costs:

  • Application for Religious Visas-- $200can

  • Housing, Food and Transportation in Cuba ---$550can

  • Interpreter  --- $50

Flights--- depends on where you fly from.  Flights leave from Toronto.  Typically between $700 and $1000 return. Each participant will be responsible for their own flights.  Flights will be to Holguin, Cuba. 

Extra Costs If you choose to attend the Havana leg of this vision tour:

  • Flight within Cuba - approx $200can.

  • Casa (bed & breakfast)  for four nights in Old Havana -approx $200.

  • Lunch and Supper  at Havana restaurants and will cost about $20 per day.

Total costs will be about $1500-1800can.  These are estimates and costs may change.

Add about $500can extra to include the Havana experience to this trip.


Members of our CNBC churches may apply for Mission Trip Grants and if funds are available they may receive some financial help for attending this vision trip.  Information about grants is on the CNBC website:


If you are interested in this vision trip please contact Mel Cruikshank as soon as possible. He will be able to answer questions you may have.


Mel Cruikshank

CNBC/Cuba Partnership Coordinator

Canadian National Baptist Convention

(780) 487-8577 office

 (780) 235-8577 cell