Important Name Change

Horizon Weekly | 1 April 2020

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After a lot of prayer and consideration, we are officially changing the name of our Global Mission Offering (GMO). The new name for our missions offering is now Great Commission Offering (GCO).

This change is being made in response to the negative connotation often associated with the abbreviation “GMO.” For many, especially our farming congregations, this GMO abbreviation stands for “Genetically Modified Organisms.” We thank those who have brought this to our attention.

We want to be clear that the offering itself is not changing. The previous breakdown of the Global Mission Offering will still apply to the Great Commission Offering with 30 percent of giving going to Church Strengthening, 35 percent going to International Missions, and 35 percent going to North American Missions.

We understand many churches might still have envelopes, contribution cards, and brochures that say GMO. In an attempt to be good stewards of our resources, we encourage you to use what you have. We at the CNBC office will begin phasing out our GMO material, and introducing new GCO material. Some initial GCO material, like a new brochure and logo, is already available on our CNBC webpage HERE. We encourage you to begin using these materials as soon as your GMO material is phased out.

Please be patient as we continue to make the transition from GMO to GCO. As always, we appreciate your faithful giving to our missions offering. We look forward to seeing how God will multiply our gifts for His purposes through the Great Commission Offering.


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On April 1, 2020 Gary Smith commented:
This is a great idea team! Good job!