Idols, God substitutes in our lives


As a DiscipleMaker you’ll notice many believers getting stuck after baptism. Why? Idols. God-substitutes. Surprised at that answer? Don’t be. You’ll have minimal impact on a believer without addressing idols in their life. (Consider your own struggle with idols when first starting out – now too. Sex/pleasure, money, power, our heavyweight God-substitutes. Self-love. Relationships. Career-climbing. How were you seduced away from Jesus? What weaned you from them? How did you become devoted with Jesus?)

John concluded his God-is-light, God-is-love letter with, Little children, guard yourselves from idols (1 Jn 5.21). Very insightful! Idols compete for our affection and attention., and compromise God’s work in our lives. (Look for appropriate ways to share your idol-fixation with a young Christian. Your experience gives them perspective concerning their own struggles).

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