Hungry to be Fed


Hungry to be fed

Like newborn babes, earnestly desire the sincere milk of the word. 1 Peter 2.2

A new Believer needs spiritual nourishment like an infant needs mother’s milk, but the newborn knows to cry for it. A new Believer may not. A DiscipleMaker can help a Believer by showing how to become spiritually hungry. (Goal: touch them emotionally so they exclaim, Wow, I really need to know the Bible and grow strong as a Christian! Remember, you’re the model for them; more things are caught than taught.) Our “spiritual food” is the Bible, through which God gives spiritual truths that change our lives. (Read 1 Pet 2.2, Heb 5.12-14; Is 55.2; Jn 6.51 and explain how God’s Word is spiritual food to a Christians)

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