How To Download and Fill Out Grant Applications

All applications are in fillable PDF format

Applications can be downloaded to your computer, filled in, saved and emailed; or you can download and print the form, fill out by hand, and mail or fax it to the given address.

To fill these forms for email you need to have the current FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC free download for a Mac computer

Click here for instructions for installing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Mac computer

Click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC download for a Windows computer

Click here for instructions for installing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on a Windows computer

To fill and email the form please follow these steps:

  1. Open the form from the web page and download the blank form to your computer 
  2. Open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (It would be a helpful to make this your default PDF reader if you have that option).
  3. Fill the form and save it.
  4. Close the form.
  5. Email the form to (email address) as attachment.
  6. Save the form on your computer as a backup.

NOTE: Please refer to the qualifications of each grant to ensure you are qualified before submitting your applicaiton. 

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"Ministers Experiencing Missions" Grant
"Ministers Experiencing Missions" Grant
These funds are specifically to enable ministers and their spouses, if applicable, to experience an international missions trip.
Volunteer Team Missions Grant
Volunteer Team Missions Grant
Churches may request grants to cover a portion of the cost to send a volunteer team to help another church or partner with a ministry project.
Student Missions Grant
Student Missions Grant
Students who are members of a CNBC church can apply for a grant toward a portion of the cost of a mission trip to a CNBC/Southern Baptist related ministry across Canada or the world.