How does GMO strengthen churches?


How does GMO strengthen churches?

Helping fund various ways of strengthening churches is one of the uses of the Global Mission Offering. Because you give to the GMO you are a part of helping our CNBC churches:

  • Reach out and share Christ with their communities
  • Encourage and train pastors
  • Develop spiritual leaders
  • Disciple new Christians
  • Train youth to become future leaders
  • Teach Christians to share their faith

All churches, from the smallest church plant to the largest and most mature church, can be a part of helping other churches grow in order to reach more people for Christ.

Receiving the benefit of the GMO is helping many churches become stronger. As the GMO offering increases there are more opportunities for growth. Will your church be part of helping another church grow in their faith and reach others for Christ this year?

Some of the ways the GMO has recently helped CNBC churches become stronger:


Chinese Bibles were purchased for new Chinese believers.

By Caleb Tan


On behalf of Springbank Chinese Baptist Church leader’s team, I would like to thank the CNBC for the funding we received through the Global Mission Offering to purchase Chinese Study Bibles (Simplified Script Edition). These Bibles are special in that they are written especially for Mainland Chinese believers whose cultural background and customs are unique and different from others.

More importantly, these Bibles were written with a view to help believers to grow spiritually and hunger and thirst for the Word of God for daily living, encouragement and in practical application for today.

These Bibles were given out to nine new believers who were baptized on Easter Sunday 2017.


A Spanish-speaking church received help with the purchase of Spanish discipleship materials.

Funds have helped with outreach events.


VBS and Sunday School teachers have received training

A youth leader brought students to visit our seminary. As a result, four students plan to begin full-time seminary training in January.