Reboot 2021, Nominations and more

Horizon Weekly | 8 April 2021

On May 14-15, the Annual Gathering will take place online across Canada, with the business portion being conducted the week before the gathering. "We want this to be fun and engaging and create a time for people in our churches to interact with others across Canada," says National Ministry Leader, Gerry Taillon.

Gerry would like to invite all congregants of our CNBC churches to attend: (Click video below to view Gerry's invitation)


As well as a Friday night main session that will be hosted live at 7 pm in each of the time zones across Canada, there will be some great breakout sessions on Saturday at 12 pm noon EST (10 am MST) for you to participate in. Our Reboot 2021 webpage will be updated often and give you the newest information regarding the Annual Gathering.

How can you be involved? It's easy!

  • Register yourself and/or your family to enter yourselves for giveaways and prizes. Click here to register
  • Host a watch party! Click here to register a watch party in your home, in your church, or elsewhere
  • Like the Reboot 2021 interactive Facebook page for a "gathering" experience that will allow you to meet and see others from all across Canada, enter for giveaways and have some fun preparing to Reboot 2021 - click here to go to Reboot 2021 Facebook Page –– the fun is beginning already!
  • Become a "Rebooter" for your church - it's easier than it sounds and will help us tons! Click here for details.

We hope that you will experience Reboot 2021 and invite others to join with you! 

Nominations for CNBC National Leadership Board

Nomination for President

Bo Neal - Southwinds Baptist Church

Bo has a great heart and vision for the CNBC. He is a very trusted leader and has very high character. He has been keenly involved in church planting and has a proven track record of leadership within the Canadian National Baptist Convention. He has pastored long term in a very healthy CNBC church. 

I am honoured to nominate Bo Neal as President of the CNBC National Leadership Board. Gary Smith - Bow Valley Baptist Church, Cochrane, Alberta.


Nomination for First Vice-President

JD Fasolino - Emmanuel Baptist Church East

JD is a proven leader. He has led well in all aspects as the planter/pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church East (EBC East). He leads with integrity and with an incredible passion for the Kingdom of God.
JD is a multiplier. He leads the team at EBC East to develop leaders. They have already sent out one church to be planted and have several leaders in their leadership pipeline that will be moving towards being a church planter or on church planting teams.
JD is a collaborator. Over the years, JD works so well with others as he leads alongside the VIsion 2020 crew for new Spanish churches. JD is the Toronto church planter assessment director and also serves on the Send Toronto team. He brings not only his own gifts God has given him, but he also draws out the gifts of others on the team.

It is with honour that I nominate JD Fasolino as First Vice-President. Brett Porter, The Hamilton Fellowships, Hamilton, Ontario.

Nomination for Second Vice-President

Dick Hale - Worsley Baptist Church

Dick has pastored the same church for 37 years.  He has a wealth of spiritual insight and knowledge.  His church works hard to reach their community for Christ.  My church was blessed to partner with his church to do VBS and Sports Camps in their community.  Dick has led his church to be a team player in the convention and a faithful and generous supporter of the Cooperative Program. 

I would be honoured to nominate Dick Hale to serve as Second Vice President for the CNBC. Shane Spannagel, Ph.D. - Senior Pastor, Richmond Hill Baptist, Calgary, Alberta


The CNBC will be conducting messenger voting online the week previous to our CNBC Annual Gathering that will be held online May 14-15, 2021. We will be posting nominations for director positions (President, Vice President and 2nd Vice President) of the board in the Weekly Horizon. If you have someone you would like to nominate, email Lynda Blazina to receive a nomination form.

Do you have a story you would like to share? Please contact Lynda Blazina and let her know. We would love to share your stories with our CNBC family of churches.

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