Horizon Weekly | 13 January 2022


CNBC Women Announce New Leadership Track

By Chelsea Brandt

We are thrilled to be launching our Women’s Leadership Track beginning the week of January 24, 2022.

This seven-week online program is specifically tailored to women who want to further explore their call to leadership and learn how to walk in it. Over the course of the Leadership Track, women will learn the qualities to lead effectively, gain knowledge and understanding of leadership tools, how to navigate tough conversations, share in the lives of those who are different from you, and how to live intentionally on mission.

CNBC Women has researched, resourced, and created content for this program that is relevant to women in all stages and areas of leadershipwhether it’s in your local church, a community ministry, your job, or whatever role you possess. Whether you are just responding to a prompt from God to step into leadership or have been in leadership for decades, all women will find immense value in this Leadership Track. CNBC Women has several group options available for women to join, and our hope is that women nationwide will be able to find a date and time that works for their schedule.

Each week, participants will meet via Zoom with their group for approximately two hours of discussion. During this meeting, women will share, discuss the homework, encourage, and pray for one another. During the week, each participant will have approximately two hours of weekly homework on various topics pertaining to leadership that they can apply to their day-to-day lives. The weekly commitment for participants for the Women’s Leadership Track is approximately four hours. The content and topics that CNBC Women has organized for this program are timely and relevant, and we really want participants to be sure of the time commitment before registering so that they can get the most out of the program.

The CNBC Women’s Leadership Track Winter Session will run the week of January 24, 2022 – March 7, 2022. If you are interested in registering or would like a bit more information about the groups available, click the logo below.

Seminary Launches New Name and Logo

By Dr. Rob Blackaby
Seminary President and Professor of Ethics

Since my arrival at Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College in April 2007 there has been a concern to find a new name for our school. That concern has been voiced from time to time both inside and outside our immediate learning community, and it intensified in the wake of a name change for the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists to the Canadian National Baptist Convention more than a decade ago. Over the past few years the urgency to discover a new name has been expressed by CSBS&C trustees (especially those from Central and Atlantic Canada), our Director of Admissions on behalf of the Admissions Office, and CNBC leadership. The time seems right to identify and implement a new name for our school.

After repeated attempts since 2010 by a variety of name change sub-committees of our trustee board, in their fall 2019 meeting the trustees requested an in-house name change committee comprised of CSBS&C administrators. That committee was comprised of Barry Nelson, David Ong, Steve Booth, Lynn Mincheva, and myself.

In the process of considering names for our school, there have been some important considerations that have helped to clarify options:

First, a new name must be recognizable by our three primary constituencies. There should be consistency and ease for the churches of the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) in recognizing their school. There should be enough similarity between our original and new names that churches and agencies within the Southern Baptist Convention at large would continue to recognize our school and our joint heritage. Canadian churches in general, and partnering schools in particular, should also be able to identify our school along with the integrity of existing linkages with us.

Second, our new name should accurately and obviously represent the nature of our school, and not detract from the purpose and vision of our school or our ties to the vision of the CNBC. While a personal name, geographical feature, or conceptual name are certainly possible, it is preferable to have a name that does not need much explanation or interpretation, and that is immediately and plainly recognizable.

Third, it would be preferable if our new name could be abbreviated or referenced in brief, without resorting to a lengthy acronym, to our location (the “Cochrane” school), or simply to the “Seminary” (which would seem to be the preferred shorthand for many in the CNBC, regardless of whether the reference is to the seminary or the college).

The new name recommended by the Name Change Committee, approved by the board of trustees, and officially launched on January 4, 2022 is:

Seminary and College

Each component of the name has significance:

CANADIAN—By keeping “Canadian” in our name we continue to promote our national identity and scope, in keeping with the Canadian National Baptist Convention.

BAPTIST—The word “Baptist” is an identifier pertaining to the heritage and theological framework from which our school approaches theological education.

THEOLOGICAL—“Theological” is an obvious statement concerning the kind of higher education our school delivers. We are not a liberal arts college/university; we are a ministry preparation school.

SEMINARY AND COLLEGE—At this stage in the history of the school, a single name is most appropriate to identify the totality of our programs of study.

The acronym we have chosen to represent our new name is CBT, as it can refer to the college and seminary together. While it will take some time to adapt and to transition all of our identifying features, we are excited about this new era in our school’s history and about the prospect of extending our reach to an ever-broadening audience. May God be glorified as we continue to train the leaders He has called to the tough places of our world.

Click on the image below for more information on how to participate in the class, Biblical Archaeology, offered by Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary and College

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On January 14, 2022 Joe Pal commented:
Does the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) in the USA support and encourage us to do this? They have, and I believe still do, financially and otherwise give to the Seminary. Will they now be reluctant to continue helping in this way? When I was on the advisor Council in the early days of the school's beginnings, it was very clear to me that Canadians would have never been able to give enough to fund this school. It was first God who made this happen but with more financial support from our USA friends than Canadians. I applaud those Canadians who have given so much in time and money but wonder if the Seminary can survive without USA help? With respect, Joe Pal
On January 18, 2022 Barry Nelson, VP Institutional Advancement, CANADIAN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL Seminary and College commented:
That’s a great question about the name change, Joe, and I’m happy to respond. As you know, the Southern Baptist Convention has a national leadership structure encompassing its various entities, but our school primarily relates to hundreds of local churches and individuals who have invested in God’s work through our school over our 35-year history. We’ve had conversations with many of these already, and will continue these over the next few months. The support has been overwhelming for the name change among those we’ve visited with to this point. Since our convention changed its name back in 2008, it’s not a shock that we would change the name of the school. Even the Southern Baptist Convention voted almost a decade ago to allow their churches to use “Great Commission Baptists” as an identity equal to “Southern Baptist” since so many of the churches are outside of the southern USA. Like those in the States, Canadians have generously and sacrificially given to support our school’s mission to “train God-called men and women for 21st-century leadership in tough places.” We are so thankful for each and every gift, and continue to pray that God will use these to raise up more and more leaders to impact and advance His Kingdom both here in Canada and around the world.