Horizon 2019: Schedule

If your church has news to share in the CNBC Horizon please contact Debbie Shelton dshelton@cnbc.ca in the Horizon office.

The publishing schedule is listed here. Please mark the deadline dates on your calendar and plan ahead to send news from your church.

Horizon Deadline and
Publication Dates 2019

Deadline for Submission

Publication Dates

January 11

February 4

March 8

April 1

May 3

May 27

September 6

October 1

November 8

December 2


Please note that the deadline is the latest date to receive articles. Articles sent in late cannot be guaranteed to be published. We welcome anything that is sent in earlier. It will help us get ahead with planning and layout.

ARTICLES: Send news articles about your special outreach events, VBS, camps, mission trips, baptisms, etc.

  • Articles may be sent as text files, Word documents or in an email.

  • Articles should be a maximum length of 500 to 550 words for a single page. If special arrangements are made with the editor, a two-page article may be 800 to 850 words.

  • Articles will be edited and may be shortened if necessary.


  • Photos should be sent as high resolution jpg or png attachments to an email. Files that are too large to email can be shared through Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Videos and video clips may be sent as MP4 files or to go along with the articles. If help is needed editing a video please contact the editor by the deadline date. YouTube and vimeo video links are also acceptable.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Clearly Canadian (CC) page is available for special announcements and ads from CNBC churches at no charge

  • CNBC churches only: searching for a new pastor or staff member

  • CNBC churches who have recently hired new staff can introduce them to the convention on the CC page.

  • Church anniversary celebrations

  • Birth and wedding announcements from CNBC church staff, association staff, convention staff and seminary staff. We count on you to send these personal announcements to the Horizon office. Please contact Debbie Shelton with questions.

    Please click here for information on how to write an article, or contact: Debbie Shelton

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Horizon Signup Sheet Download
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