Hope In Christ Ministries

Hope in Christ Ministries was launched with God’s clear vision in January 2013.

A group of Pastors from several denominations and volunteers from different walks of life gathered together to visit homeless in the streets, parks and shelters. By the grace of God, we planted a new church in July 2016. Small church, but big heart! A church without borders! A Church does not focus on expansion of the members nor church building! Our goal is to recognize specific needs of homeless, ex-offenders, refugees, mentally challenged, lower-income households including troubled youth in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and encourage them to begin new life in Christ.

We have been working faithfully to build the Kingdom of our Lord by supporting each other. The growth of our ministry is how we set a good example of the life of Jesus Christ to others. The blood of Jesus Christ is the offering of his body as “living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1) and in return letting us to share the gospel with others. Even though we are incomplete and still tempted by sins in life, we need to be able to live in the light of Jesus Christ the only one who can rescue us from darkness.

We acknowledge that Homeless and Ex-Offenders need valuable support and assistance to successfully engage with the community. There is higher risk of re-offending by ex-offenders when they fail to receive help or are mistrusted by the community members. In most cases, whether short-term or long-term prisoners, Ex-offenders have many disadvantages of adapting to the social environment after their release: lack of social skills, housing, family problems and financial difficulties. A majority of them suffer mental and health problems and often fall into past behaviours of using drugs and alcohol to relieve their anxiety and stress. It is tough life for Ex-Offenders to adapt to new life in society and in the Christian community. The church has fear also of accepting and associating with ex-offenders.

Homeless people face social and physical challenges in life as well and they both need many help. They are rejected, discouraged and lonely. We are group of Christians to reaching out with God’s love and mercy.

The gospel is about changing people and transforming them in the fullness of God’s work through Jesus. As the Lord has led us to share Christ, we invite everyone to help us to spread the message of our loving and merciful Christ. “Mercy triumphs over judgment and faith without deeds is useless” (James 2:13, 20). We are to treat them with dignity and bring them hope through Jesus Christ. Despite the lack of resources and helping hands, our leaders and workers believe that serving Christ does not need to be recognized by others. Our purpose is to proclaim the greatest love that we’ve all experienced as believers. We do not need money to feed them, but we need the Word to feed them and give them everlasting life in Christ by their simply believing in Him and “turning their eyes upon Christ”.

It is my privilege and honour to serve Christ as a leader with many faithful fellow servants; Pastor Jin, James, David, Scott, Hannah, sister Soo and my family who have been a great support for the last five years and encouraged me to become a minister with the heart of Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace in Christ,
Pastor Yong Sup Kim