Helping Millennials Navigate the Sexual Scene

Someone recently asked me, "How do I disciple a student who's sexually active and continues in the activity?" It reminded me of CS Lewis' insight, "There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan."  Certainly true in the sexual struggles youth and young adults face. How can we help, as churches and Jesus followers?

Start with a good overview, The Sex Lives of Christian Teens, including "what works." Check out Letting Go of your Sexual Past, for someone who's sexually active and wants to stop. Focus on the Family counsels Pure Again, using the encounter Jesus had with the adulterous woman (John 8) This asks and answers, Has my Sexual Past Doomed my Future Relationships? (from the blog, To Love, Honor and Vacuum - woah!). And a first person, ... but I can't forgive myself, from a self-described Southern Baptist to the bone young woman.

A recommended bible study: Falling in Love with Jesus by two women, one married, one single (Kathy Toccoli). And a blunt, take-no-prisoners, What Christian Millennials Must Stop, including Stop flirting with what you can get away with, and instead pursue the holiness that we have through Jesus Christ.

CS Lewis had it right: it's spiritual. Which means we need all-prayerwatchman prayer, stand in the gap prayer, nagging widow prayer, begging neighbour prayer, negotiating prayer. Yes, pray in faith.