Help with weddings


Weddings are an essential for pastors, requiring skill and spiritual maturity to do them well. We can all use help. For starters, a book by Jim Henry, veteran Baptist pastor, The Pastor's Wedding Manual. Plus a letter Thom Rainer sends a future bride/groom. Comments below the article are instructive. And a thoughtful blog by a pastor on all things wedding-related, including why dogs shouldn't be included in the ceremony and kiss-coaching. Bonus: foot-washing!Part 1Part 2.

When to say No to officiating a wedding? Agree or not, it's good to establish your position. Joe McKeever weighs in, helping the pastor find the scripture text about who to marry, who not to. Some of the comments are hostile.

Here's what a pastor should ask a couple, including Tell me about the kind of home you grew up in and for heaven's sake a basic talk about the physical relationshipPlus questions a couple should ask a pastor, including compensation. Comments are helpful; the second-to-last one an eyebrow raiser.

Ceremony formats? Here's a basic one. Some from Sample #14 and Sample #16Should a pastor preach during the ceremony? Good, thoughtful suggestionsincluding sample texts. The article compares a pastor to a baseball umpire -- interesting. Here's a non-Christian ceremony, if you need the contrast. No God, no prayer, no blessing. So sad.

Joe McKeever again, so wise, seven things to say in the wedding ceremony (that btw is recorded and viewed for years to come). Includes this is a holy step (and what that means), and God won't force a great marriage on you (you get to choose). Great comments after, especially the last one -- it'll make you smile.