Help with Pastor Transitions

It happens to every church. A pastor leaves, another transitions in. Like passing the relay baton, you must get it right. What to do? If you're the pastor, make the process healthy, Ed Stetzer says. Give lots of notice and have a transitional time, perhaps a year. When a beloved pastor leaves, the congregation should consider these ten responses, including stay in your lane and grieve wellBe proactive, Dan Reiland advises. Don't panic, don't hire fast, don't create drama. You'll need encourageiment - here's six truths to carry you through.

Here's what a successful transition would look like, including hire from within, not always possible. Want steps?Here's four, including allow God to work. And four success stories. Check out 7 keys to a smooth transition, from Christianity Today. Do you need an interim? Probably, says Or perhaps a transitional pastor? LifeWay answers, what's the difference?

Bonus: a detailed sermon for a transitioning congregation, based on Ephesians 4.11-16, 29-32, on what a healthy mature church should be.