Group Insurance


The CNBC carries a group insurance plan through Equitable Life of Canada which is available to eligible employees in our churches and associations.   To be eligible to join the CNBC group insurance plan employees must regularly work full-time with a minimum of 30 hours per week. 


There are two plans offered - Flex Plan 1 & 2.  The main difference between the plans is the cost and the extent of coverage offered between the two plans. Flex Plan 1 has more coverage and averages approximately $75-$100 more per monthly premium for family coverage.  Flex Plan 2 does not offer Short Term Disability or Vision coverage, and has reduced coverage on some benefits.

Once a Church has chosen a Flex Plan, then all eligible employees must be on the same Flex Plan.


Administration of the group insurance plan is handled by Parity Agencies and billing for the plan is administered by LifeWorks.   For more information on the plans, premium quotes and enrollment forms please contact Parity Agencies at 1-800-704-8656.