Great Commission Offering - 2020

Horizon Weekly | 15 October 2020

We see a day when every man, woman, girl and boy has multiple opportunities to see, hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

The Great Commission Offering (GCO) provides the opportunity for every church to partner, give and bring the Gospel to the world. CNBC churches have an annual missions emphasis, during which the whole church learns about missions and ministry in Canada, North America and internationally. The church is inspired by true stories from missionaries, church planters and mission teams. You can be a part of future stories by giving to the GCO, knowing that your gifts will help others to hear about Jesus and then be discipled.

Because you give, international missionaries and mission teams are reaching unreached peoples and places around the world, making disciples and multiplying churches for the glory of God.

Jeff and Ring Kwok are one of three fully-funded missionary units commissioned by the CNBC in partnership with the International Mission Board. This year, they are celebrating two full years of being on the mission field in Taiwan. Because you give to the Great Commission Offering, seminary students are being trained for eternal Kingdom impact and churches are being planted all across Taiwan through Jeff and Ring’s ministry.

Because you give, CNBC churches partner with the North American Mission Board to empower a church planting movement that invests in the Kingdom and has a powerful impact all over North America for Jesus Christ.

Because you give, churches are strengthened as their pastors, leaders, and church members have opportunities to go on mission through mission grants

JD Fasilino, church planter with NAMB, and his family were able to start a small group Bible study that has now become Emmanuel Baptist Church East in Toronto. Their worship gatherings include around 70 people, representing seven different Hispanic countries. 

In providing these grants, churches are strengthened by empowering their members to engage in missions both domestically and internationally. This year, Bow Valley Baptist Church was able to take a mission trip to Cuba with the help of a CNBC Mission Grant. The trip, which happened in early March 2020, left a lasting impact on the volunteer team.

GCO mailings have been sent to churches!
Mailings include an information letter, GCO envelopes, and a brochure.
Expect yours in the mail soon!                                      


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Do you have a story you would like to share? Please contact Lynda Blazina and let her know. We would love to share your stories with our CNBC family of churches.

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