God will do MORE than we can ask or imagine

By Cynthia Hopkins

For nearly a year leading up to the first Platform 320 women’s conference held in Vancouver last month, our prayer was that God would do more than we ask or imagine, and He did! Fourteen women from Texas were joined by 35 from area church plants at the Metrotown Holiday Inn for the “MORE” retreat, to kick off what we hope will be a continued partnership between Platform 320 and the CNBC.

We shared a sweet time of worship, led by Cassidee Hale, a university student in Dallas, Texas. We fellowshipped, ate and learned together during seven different teaching times on subjects like mentoring, studying scripture, and sabbath rest. We were encouraged that our extraordinary God is at work among us, ordinary women, as we recognize our need for Him, expect Him to do extraordinary things, and do whatever He tells us to do.

The very best part was the way those truths came to life right in front of us during our time in Vancouver.

Myra, the bank teller, was excited as Kathy Morales and I wanted to talk to her about Jesus while she was converting my US dollars to Canadian. God had prepared her for that encounter before we even got there and we were able to pray with her right there at her desk!

Mel and Ruth from the hotel staff heard us meeting with Ray Woodard in the dining area and noticed “something different” in our faces. Ruth then prayed to trust in Christ. Mel, who had become a Christian years earlier in the Philippines but had never been discipled, spent the whole day with us on Sunday, even coming with us to church.

Daniel, at the bus stop, was overjoyed to meet Christians from Texas, saying, “I’m a Christian, too. And I’m proud to follow Jesus!”

The Hindu woman on the SkyTrain, whose name I forgot to ask, wanted to know who we were and what we were doing. When she found out we were Christians she said she had a Christian friend and God gave us
a few moments together to talk about that.

Fifty women from Vancouver and Texas loved each other like they were longtime friends—because of the unity of Christ they shared.

With wide eyes Yuri, the conference lunch caterer, asked about those 50 women, “Who are you? You’re so polite!” I told him we were Christians and though our conversation didn’t go any further, he expressed his gratitude and I knew we had made an impact somehow.

Back home in Texas now, the word I’ve been using most often when people ask about our time in Vancouver is fruitful (beautiful, too, of course, and adventuresome and amazing). And no wonder it was fruitful! God is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. To Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, to all generations, forever and ever!

Reprinted from the December 2018 CNBC Horizon. Read more here.