God's gift, Bi-Vocational Pastors


Bi-vocational. A third of American pastors are, says Ed Stetzer (he elaborates at this blog). CNBC? Perhaps higher.It's on the rise, for sure (the comments are fascinating). Thank God for bi-vocational leaders!


12 min podcast highlights this role. Do bi-vocational pastors matter? Thom Rainer thinks so, listing 8 reasons why, including often more connected to non-believers and models good missiology. 


Here's 8 benefits a bi-vocational pastor adds to a church, including giving them valid excuses not to attend denominational meetings they perceived as irrelevant or uninteresting. Made me smile. LifeWay lists issues a bi-vocational pastor faces, including time management and family priorities. Yes!

 Co-vocational Pastors

A new word for me: co-vocational, someone who works and ministers, and expects to continue in both. I realized, that's what I am. It's biblical for sure.

 What's it like? Jeff Christopherson interviews Brad Briscoe, a co-vocational pastor (related podcast here).

This dual calling is not for the faint of heart, according to Stetzer. Bi- and co-vocational leaders can identify with Ginger Rogers of the Astaire/Rogers dance duo, I did everything Fred did, except backwards and in high heels. Thank God for them (if you know one, personalize the thanks) and beg the Lord of the harvest for more.