GMO Refreshment To Ministry





Oasis is a place of retreat for CNBC ministry couples to find rest and renewal. The retreat is held in at least two regions each year.

In November of 2016 an eastern Oasis retreat was held at the historic Briars Resort on Lake Simcoe, Ontario. The venue, a family-owned manor and hotel since the 1870s, is a beautiful lakeside resort that has retained its family hospitality and comfort.

Among the nooks and crannies of the hotel, couples found places to sit and visit, read, relax and encourage one another. Many renewed friendships and others made new ones. 

Guest speakers, Gerry and Connie Taillon challenged, comforted and helped the attendees laugh, as they shared during the main sessions around the theme of “Uncluttered Soul.”       

Breakout sessions were also offered: Jason McGibbon led a session on practical ways of maintaining self-care amidst our hectic schedules and lives; Jim Danielson led a breakout session on how to create uncluttered space in our lives through

                                                    hobbies. The worship times that Jason and Kimberley McGibbon led were a blessing.

Comments from some of the ministry couples:

“I met people that will be friends for life.”

“The food and accommodation was amazing.”

“The relaxed atmosphere and sessions were just what I needed.”

“God knew my wife and I needed this time together to be encouraged.”



WestCoast’s annual Oasis is held at Barnabas on Keats Island, British Columbia. Lydia Nigh, says, “On Keats Island the views are spectacular. The Barnabas hospitality is amazing, the beds are comfy, the food is so healthy and delish and it’s so quiet and calm. I would even give up another day to stay longer and just thank God for His blessings.”


This year’s WestCoast Oasis speaker was Hamish Buntain, who spoke on the gentle, patient, life-sustaining nature of Jesus. He emphasized, “The gentleness of Jesus inspires me to surrender my treasures to Him. The life-sustaining nature of Jesus inspires me to stay close to Him. The patience of Jesus inspires me to endure with Him.”

Ashley Austin commented, “We have been going hard running camps, developing leaders, renovating office space, and starting a second campus. The pastor and wives’ retreat at Barnabas came at a great time! It was a blessing to spend unhurried time with my Jesus, my wife, and fellow church planters and pastors!”

Lota Colobong shared, “We were refreshed in the ministry. Our current circumstances have been challenging so this event proved very beneficial to us in gifting us time to relax together as a couple. We were also encouraged by other ministry couples whose lives seemed harder than ours and yet they were joyfully persevering in their work for the Lord. God is always gracious and merciful to His own.”

Jordan Knorr says, “Oasis couldn’t have come at a better time. My wife Betsy and I have had our first six-months’ taste of full-time church planting and it was the fastest and craziest six months of our life. The retreat allowed us to just be, to sit back, reassess and get encouraged by many who have been in the field of church planting for many years. We came back to the field where God has called us with more of a sense of, ‘we can do this because God is so faithful.’ It was a beautiful place to rejuvenate and focus on God and each other.”


Through support from the Global Mission Offering, gifts from our CNBC churches along with Cooperative Program, ministry couples in CNBC churches are able to attend the annual Oasis retreats.