Global Mission Offering- How to Plan

Planning for the Global Mission Offering (GMO) is simple, but can make a big difference. Review the ideas to begin to plan a whole-church mission experience. Watch THIS VIDEO to get you started! 


Review the resources provided

Watch the featured videos and read through the mission stories on the GMO resources web page Catch the vision for your church’s role in global missions.

Pray and plan

Pray about the direction God wants you to take with the missions emphasis.

Set an offering goal for your church. Remember that this offering is distributed among three different areas: International Missions, North American Missions and Church Strengthening.

Set a specific date or dates when your church will hold the GMO emphasis. You can use the GMO resources whenever you like, as many times as you like. Some churches prefer to focus on missions around Easter and/or Christmas, when people are in the spirit of giving and helping others.

Organize your resources

Photocopy resources from master copies provided in the GMO mailing sent to your church. Or, download and print online resources linked through the GMO resources web page. To download GMO videos click the Vimeo link on the video page. Download from Vimeo to show the videos during your church services or small groups.

NOTE: If your church is unable to print copies of the resources and would like to have them printed and mailed to you, please contact the CNBC office. Printed resources must be ordered two weeks before they are needed to allow time for printing and mailing.
Contact: Hanna Greenwood


Share from the pulpit

Ignite your church members’ excitement about this year’s GMO and encourage them to pray about how they can join the work. Introduce the offering to your church by showing the videos, announcing the goal and distributing the GMO brochure. Encourage all age levels to focus on missions within small groups, such as in Sunday school classes or home groups as well as during the main worship services.


Publicize the mission emphasis to your congregation so all hearts will be prepared and everyone will know about the special offering to be collected. Use the GMO logo in bulletins, emails or social media. Place GMO posters in high-traffic areas and make the GMO offering envelopes available for use. Show the GMO Promo Video to your congregation.

Plan a missionary visit

Help church members understand the impact of their praying and giving by hearing directly from a missionary. Consider contacting the CNBC office for the availability of missionary speakers (in person or via Skype or video message), or ask someone from your own church who has been on a recent mission trip to share their experience.


Collect the special offering and celebrate what God did during the missions emphasis. Maybe mark the occasion by holding a celebration dinner or having a missionary guest speaker.

Send your missions offering cheque to the CNBC office. Indicate on the CNBC contribution form that it is for the Global Mission Offering.

Keep missions as a focus all year by praying for missionaries, doing mission projects, sending out mission teams, praying for an unreached people group, and praying for church planting missionaries.

Download a PDF of this planning information     

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