Lovers worship. That is, they delight to express love and appreciation for their lover. Same with Disciples. Worship is love responding to love, a continual expression of praise to our great Lover, God, for who he is and what he does. Sometimes we worship alone, sometimes together, joining others, even the whole universe, to praise God. How should we worship together? The Believer’s prayer book, Psalms, trains us.

With all my being: ...all that I am...(Ps. 103.1)

With my mind: I ponder all your great works... (Ps. 143.5)

With my heart: I love you, Lord. You are my strength. (Ps 18.1, King David’s autobiographical song)

With various methods: singing, speaking, writing, praying, dancing, with creativity, with instruments (trumpets, harps, lyre, tambourine, strings, pipes, drums, etc)

With various moods: Joy, wonder, gladness, thanks, excitement,

With various intensities: silence, meditation, quiet, relaxation, trembling, energy, passion, shouts, leaping

With body language: ...let us kneel before the Lord our Maker (Ps. 95.6); lifting my hands to you in prayer. (Ps. 63.4); Come, everyone! Clap your hands! (Ps. 47.1)

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