GCO- Why Give?

We see a day when every man, woman, girl and boy has multiple opportunities to see, hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

The Great Commission Offering (GCO) provides the opportunity for every church to partner, give and bring the Gospel to the world. CNBC churches have an annual missions emphasis, during which the whole church learns about missions and ministry in Canada, North America and internationally. The church is inspired by true stories from missionaries, church planters and mission teams. You can be a part of future stories by giving to the GCO, knowing that your gifts will help others to hear about Jesus and then be discipled.

Because you give, international missionaries and mission teams are reaching unreached peoples and places around the world, making disciples and multiplying churches for the glory of God.

  • Talia is one of three fully funded missionary units commissioned by the CNBC in partnership with the International Mission Board. She serves in South Asia where many believers in her state are facing rising persecution. Continue to pray for the safety of her team. Because you give to the Great Commission Offering, Talia can continue to share the gospel and see her friends come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Because you give, CNBC churches partner with the North American Mission Board to empower a church planting movement that invests in the Kingdom and has a powerful impact all over North America for Jesus Christ.

  • Shahid Kamal, church planter with NAMB, and his family were able to start South Asian Community Church in Surrey, BC. One of their most successful connecting points is their prayer outreach. Pray for South Asians in Surrey to be drawn toward Jesus. 

Because you give, churches are strengthened as their pastors, leaders, and church members have opportunities to be trained and discipled. 

  • Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the ability to gather for training and discipleship, our CNBC team leaders have found creative ways to continue to offer church strengthening through training. Specifically, they have been able to utilize technology for training interviews, challenging podcasts, and encouraging celebrations.