From Digital Magazine to Weekly News

By Debbie Shelton

COCHRANE, ALBERTA—The final online magazine version of the CNBC Horizon will be published on December 11. This is not the end of the Horizon news; it is only a change in the delivery method.

Current subscribers to the CNBC Horizon have been receiving the trial Horizon Weekly since the beginning of November. We’ve had some encouraging responses and I believe we are heading in the right direction. The official kick-off of the Weekly begins on January 1, 2020.

As we change with the times it seems that hearing the news before it’s old and still being able to print it is a common request. The Horizon Weekly news will be more current and you will have the option to read it online or download an article to print. The social media feature will allow you to share articles and videos on Facebook or Instagram.

Another feature of the Horizon Weekly will be a comments section at the end of the articles. This will allow you, our readers, to share your thoughts on the subject. All comments will be reviewed before publishing, as they would on a blog site.

Subscribers will receive an email from each Wednesday, linking to the article or video of the week.

Watch for extra links at the top of the article or video page. You will be able to see monthly Cooperative Program reports, updates on new church plants and a list of available CNBC church ministry positions. The special features are still in development mode, so keep checking back each week to see what’s new.

For those who would like to go back and read the history of the CNBC, the Horizon archives will continue to be on our website.

All of the articles and videos published in the Horizon Weekly will be stored on our CNBC website in the Horizon Weekly section, sorted by year and arranged newest to oldest. Weekly news for 2019 can be found at The 2020 news will be in a new section:

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Please share this information with your CNBC church friends and anyone else who might be interested. The subscription is free, and the process is simple. Go to the website subscription page and sign up to receive the Horizon Weekly.


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Please to me the CNBC Horizon. Thanks
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Sounds good!