First Five New CNBC Churches of 2018

Kingdom Seeds

As of the date of this Horizon publication the CNBC has added six new churches/plants to our family of churches. We would like to introduce you to the first five new CNBC churches of 2018.

Please take this opportunity to get to know about these churches and their leaders and remember to pray for them.

1. Calvary Baptist Church, St Johns Newfoundland/Labrador

A number of years ago, faithful members of CNBC churches were praying that we would become a Canadian Convention with churches in every province. In April of this year God answered that prayer. Calvary Baptist Church in St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, voted and agreed to affiliate with the CNBC.
The pastor of Calvary, Stephen Bray, is a native of Newfoundland and Labrador. Three years ago, God laid it upon his heart to return to his home province. Pastor Stephen has a huge heart and passion to reach the province as there are so many who have never heard of the good news of Jesus or of their need for a personal relationship with Him. Many people whose families have been there for generations would say they are Christian, but they have no idea what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Stephen is embarking on a church planting endeavour called Mile 1 Mission dedicated to planting churches and seeing indigenous Newfoundlanders raised up to reach Canada’s easternmost province. It is huge vision but God has already begun to see that vision move forward.

The Gospel Coalition reports that "Mile 1 Mission is a grassroots, uniquely Newfoundland church planting mission with a plan to reach the city of St John’s and the major population areas of Newfoundland and Labrador. The goal is to raise up Newfoundlanders to plant and pastor five new congregations in Newfoundland by 2025." Mile 1 is the eastern starting point of Highway 1, which goes all across Canada.

On Sunday, April 22, a partnership between Living Waters Baptist Church in Longs, South Carolina, and Calvary Baptist was signed as they made an official covenant with one another. Living Waters has agreed to walk alongside Mile 1 Mission through prayer, people and finances. The people of Calvary are amazed at how God is moving in their church and in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Let’s give thanks for those who have been praying faithfully for so many years and for what God is going to do in Newfoundland and Labrador.

To hear more of the vision for Mile 1 Mission, click here to watch the video.

2. Rabbit Lake Cowboy Church, Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan

In the fall of 2017, a monthly Gospel and Country Western event spurred the beginning of a cowboy church in Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan. Rick Martin, a pastor from Spiritwood Cowboy Church (north of Rabbit Lake) and his friend, Gary, were playing and singing at the event. Local horse trainers, Jim and Elaine Tomkins, had organized the night and wanted to have a cowboy church in Rabbit Lake. That evening they asked Rick, “Can you please put on a sample cowboy church for us Saturday morning?”

They all agreed to go ahead with the plan and the Tompkins helped organize the cowboy church service the following Saturday, looking forward to seeing some interest from the community. Pastor Rick brought the message and he and Gary led the music. Those who attended enjoyed the message, music and fellowship.

A few weeks after this sample service, Rick asked Jim what the community wanted to do. Should they have more cowboy church services or not? Jim said, “Yes, we want to.”

Rick’s response was, “Well, there were not too many people there Saturday morning, so why?”

“Actually, there were more than you would think, since the people cleaning up from the night before were all keenly listening,” Jim replied.

After some discussion, the community asked for church to be held the first Friday evening of each month, starting in November 2017. In January 2018, they began meeting every first and third Fridays.

Only 113 people live in Rabbit Lake, so when over 50 attended the first regular service all were excited about how God gathered the people and met their need for a church in this small Saskatchewan town.

Please pray for this cowboy church and others worshipping in north central Saskatchewan. Pray they get a vision to keep planting more churches in rural Saskatchewan communities. The cowboy church has proven to be a great venue for getting people to consider their church heritage and then Christ personally.

3. Connect, Goderich, Ontario

What if church were different? What if anyone from any background felt like they could come and learn about Jesus at their own pace without judgement?

Connect is just that. It’s a safe place for anyone to come and kick the tires of faith. We meet every other Friday night in a remodelled train station located in Goderich, Ontario. A typical Friday night includes snacks, funny videos, a relevant message from one of our pastors, and some time to discuss what we have heard, believed and question about that message.

We have an exciting kids’ program teaching the same subject the adults are discussing. Our purpose is to evoke family conversations all week long, to help people grow and put into practice these relevant biblical principles. We want to create passionate followers of Jesus who are in the community, showing His love to everyone.

For the past year, Connect has been meeting as a Life Group every other Friday night. There we stress community, coming together with the people we know and those we don’t.

I’m Rob McMichael. In August 2016, my family and I moved from Missouri to Goderich, Ontario. I am married to Cortney, a southern lady from Texas. Together we have four daughters, Madison (18), Trinity (15), Teagan (10) and Hope (7).

Through our year and a half of living in Huron County, our hearts have been turned towards the student population here. In our 30-kilometre radius, there are over 1,500 high school students who need a better option than partying, drugs and alcohol. Our vision as a church is to establish student centres, safe places for high school students to come hang out, hear about Jesus in a non-abrasive way and just be teenagers without the stresses of the outside world.

C1 Student Centre is opening in Clinton, Ontario, the heart of Huron County (high school student population 1,000) in the spring of 2018. Our mission is to empower this next generation to greater things by learning about the life of Jesus.

At Connect, we believe the Gospel is simple. We want to provide a safe place for people to come and learn what it means to be a Jesus follower, and what the purpose of the church should be, in a biblical manner.

4. Rachats De Dieu – Montréal, Québec

During a time of transition and uncertainty in their personal and spiritual life, Rosland Dossous and his wife Myriam began seeking the Lord for guidance and direction.

During those times of personal prayer they felt led by God to begin a prayer meeting and a Bible study in their home. They began inviting individual people to come pray and study the Bible together. In the following months, the group grew in number and a core group with a desire to see how they could reach the community began to form. The group started evangelizing in their community. They met many people with repentant hearts who were churchless, desiring to know and walk with God.

Rosland saw how great the needs were, so he began praying, asking God what the next step would be. He and Myriam felt called by the Lord to plant a church. They shared what they had heard from God and the core group wanted to see the vision of many souls coming to Christ become a reality. They all began praying in November 2017 for a location where they could gather on Sundays.

On January 1, 2018, their prayers were answered and the group, composed of 17 active members, began meeting for weekly services, with all the equipment included in the rent. After four months of meetings, they have 34 active members and many new visitors coming every Sunday.

They are thankful and give all the glory to God for His great and mighty deeds.

5. L’Église La Mission in Montréal, Québec

L’Église La Mission was designed to be an alternative to a modern church. The church is centred on Jesus Christ, in order to reach the unreached and the churchless. The Lord gave Bertholi  Gaspard and his wife, Cynthia,  a strong conviction to plant this new community.

At first, they  started by  faith in their home with their children. Through prayer, the Lord began calling  some individuals to join them,  which resulted in a core group. Home Bible studies became the main vehicle for training the core group. They began with disciplines  such as prayer, studying to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Word of God and having communion together around a good meal to build relationships.

They teach that a disciple is the one who learns because he is a follower of a particular message, namely, the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The congregation has grown slowly and the Lord has allowed them to rent a room to begin weekly worship services and teaching.

L’Église La Mission’s  vision statement is to be a missional church that is  centred  on Jesus Christ to teach its members to serve God, His church and the urban community.

Reprinted from the June 2018 CNBC Horizon, “Kingdom Seeds.” Read more here.