Filipino International Baptist Church North

Working Together for the Gospel (WT4G)

On April 3rd, 2016, Filipino International Baptist Church-North (FIBCN) held the first worship public launch at Lago Lindo Community Hall in Edmonton, Alberta. After much prayer, waiting for God’s direction, planning and preparation, the vision God had placed in the heart of our mother church was fulfilled - “We would like to see a family-oriented church with 200 trained and spiritually growing members, actively participating in
missions and in various Filipino community events with two daughter churches by 2017.”

Our story of church planting started when I am serving as church moderator at Filipino International Baptist Church of Edmonton. Our church’s vision is to have 200 disciples with 2 daughter churches.
We joined NAMB’s prayer in Luke 10:2, praying at 10:02 each day – morning or night- that God will send
workers into His harvest field. We also attended “Vision Night” sponsored by Send Edmonton. As a moderator and member of the Leadership Team we are praying that God will send a church planter to us as we promote this vision to our members.

In the early months of 2015, Pastor Neil and I were discussing the vision of starting a satellite church at the north side of Edmonton. We had an existing Bible study in that area with several of our church members and this can become our new daughter church. We continued praying for this place and soon God opened another Bible study group. We also held a Block Party in Lago Lindo community and have seen God moving in this community.
August 2015, my wife Leonie and I are praying Luke 10:2 that God will send a church planter and as we committed ourselves to support him, God is speaking to me personally that I am the one He is calling and sending. I discussed this with my wife, with our two sons Paul and Tim, with Pastor Neil and the Leadership Team. They all affirmed my calling and supported us in our journey as bi-vocational church planter.

We discussed the plan of starting a church at the north side with our members living in that area and they all agreed and became our Church Planting Team. We were sent out last September 2015. In preparation, we started a weekly prayer meeting, attended church planting seminars / trainings with Dan Morgan, conducted Team development training and planning. We held an Evangelistic Event last December 2015 and a “Vision Night” last February this year. We have seen God continue to draw people to Himself. God had also prepared a place of worship for us at Lago Lindo Community Hall.

Since our launch in April this year we had the privilege of seeing more than fifteen people accepted Christ, eight were baptized and fifteen became new members of our church, truly the harvest is plentiful. Please continue to pray that we will have unity, boldness in sharing the Gospel, we will see conversion of souls and God will raise more leaders in our church. Please pray also that we will remain faithful as we share our mother church’s Mission Statement - “We exist to glorify God by praising Him, proclaiming His message and preparing His people for service.”