Father's Day Helps

Generally churches splurge for Mother's Day and skimp for Father's Day. This author says one is for honoring, the other for shaming, and gives suggestions to improve both. A waste of time, Father's Day? Yes, according to surveys, unless you're intentional and creative. Here's six ways to get it right, including Let go of traditions that put people in awkward or difficult positions (same with Mother's Day). Some tips here and many more here, to make Father's Day meaningful.

If you're teaching children, check out these 20 ideas to help them participate in Father's Day, with cards and crafts and picnics. More crafts and activities here. A youngster could try one of these ten games to play with dad, including "Name that Tool." Personally, ten ways to esteem your dad. And gifts for him

Need help with a sermon? Here's 9 sermons for Father's day, complete with video and transcripts. Samples: Adam, where are you? and Sex, Romance and the Glory of God. Two ideas for a sermonForgive your Father and Things Real Men Know. (I hope "how to change a tire" is one.) Need more? Here's fifteen ideas to jump-start a Father's Day sermon, including how a dad disciplines his kids. Some quotes and outlines for a Father's Day sermon. And three stand-alone ones. Fathers who give Hope, (37:07 plus transcript) by John Piper. The Model Father (story of the Prodigal Son). And The Most Wonderful Father of All. God, of course...

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