Essential books to read


Mike Adams, criminology prof at University of North Carolina, Wilmington, tells Christian students to read a book a month. It's an excellent way to develop a Christian worldview. A good book by a great author lets you "listen in" on their best thinking, he says. We get great ideas to stretch and inspire us. Perhaps one a month is too much. One a quarter? Great goal, but what to read?

Tom Rainer surveyed and collated an If I could only have 25 books in my library list. The comments are helpful, sometimes snarky.

You're a pastor? Here's 25. Too many? How about 20Or just 1010 here tooOh, 7Even 5!

If you're a youth pastor, someone thinks you ought to read these. I'd add Make it Last by Jeff Lovingood. I'm reading it. Short and succinct

 And these if you're a pastor's wife.

 Best book I read last year? Who is this Man? by John Ortberg. I give it away to seekers, Christians too, it's so brilliant.

 For sure, read Christian biographies (autobios too). Surprised by Joy, by CS Lewis, scintillating. The Little Woman, an ordinary British chambermaid who became an extraordinary missionary to China. How about Ten Fingers for God (free .pdf), the life of Dr Paul Brand. None better. (Try reading the end of chapter 20 without weeping). I wept through the final chapters of Evidence Not Seen, a missionary's harrowing experience in a Japanese prison camp.

Into science fiction? I'm not but still enjoyed CS Lewis' The Space Trilogy.

That's enough. Btw, did you know Charles Dickens claimed the Book of Ruth was the best short story ever writtenRead it again and ponder, Why, Charles?

Let's give Spurgeon the last word: Visit many good books, but live in the Bible. Agreed!