Eglise Urbaine 180º

A mustard seed in Quebec City!

The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed… and you know the rest of the story!

In Quebec City a mustard seed was planted in the fall of 2013 for the advancement of His Kingdom!  The Eglise Urbaine 180o (180o Urban Church) started in response to a special call that God had placed in the heart of David Chouinard and three other families in Quebec.  A team of believers was quickly formed and organized to mobilize the body of Christ to accomplish the mission Jesus gave to His church.

The team received valuable backing and support from the Axe 21 church in Sherbrooke.  Wishing to reach every person in Quebec and to make the new life in Christ accessible to all, meetings were held every Sunday morning at the Limoilou College.  By providing a personal welcome, lively music, dynamic messages and dedicated children’s workers, the believers of "180o" are reaching out to the citizens of Quebec in order that the Gospel might touch and transform their lives.  Believers from all over the city were attracted to this church plant.  At the beginning of 2014 a new staff member, Tim Corbeau, was called to join the pastoral team and Ronald and Lisa Jones, NAMB missionaries, joined us in june 2014.  The first fruits of the Gospel were harvested last Easter when 8 people were baptized with great joy and celebration. .

David Chouinard had no idea what God had planned for his life.  Born in Sherbrooke, he was an accomplished football player and was planning to study physiotherapy.  But after his first year of Biblical studies, God called him into full time service.  His theological studies lead him to the beautiful city of Quebec where he served as a pastor for many years.  God placed a burden on his heart to reach lost people and the planting of an urban church seemed to be the ideal way of meeting that challenge.  David’s desire is for the Gospel to be preached throughout the whole region of Quebec City and the Eglise Urbaine 180o is only the beginning of what God has called him to do.

The small mustard seed, the Kingdom of God, is growing in Quebec City.  God has sent his church to advance his Kingdom and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  Even the fortified gates of Quebec City cannot resist the power of the gospel and many people will be converted by the Holy Spirit.

Pray for David Chouinard and all the team and their families.  Pray for the Eglise Urbaine 180o.  Pray for the people of Quebec City.  Pray for more churches to be planted in Quebec City.

Thanks to you, our partners in the Kingdom and our family in Christ.  May God give you peace and grace in abundance.