Edmonton Vietnamese Baptist Church

I moved to Edmonton last year after resigned from the position of senior pastor of Calgary Vietnamese church, after six years serving.

My wife and I attended Dovercourt  Baptist church in Edmonton last year and I found that God opens door for
Vietnamese Church plant when I was talking with the pastor, the senior pastor and the church here were open for
Vietnamese church plant. We give thanks to God For the last five years, as pastors and churches in Canada  have been praying for a new church plant in Edmonton and now God is answered.

The DCB here is willing to allow to open their church building for us to start the first Vietnamese mission church in Edmonton  and I am willing to be a church planter and a pastor.

We started the mission church with only 2 people of my family and later 2 people join with us and we have been coming to home bible study weekly.

By faith, September of Last year we had a concert , potluck dinner and invited about 100 people in the community to come and through the event we introduced the new Vietnamese Baptist Church in Edmonton, which at that time we had only four people.

After that, We offer a free guitar lessons for community and in the first two months, there were four people accepted Christ. During the first 6 months of our ministry, eight people came to accept Jesus Christ and more than 100 people came to hear the Gospel.

My target is reach out to the lost,  to train people how to share the Gospel and recruit people to involve of  outreach  in Edmonton.

The challenges of our ministry that we need to pray for is to find people to have the compassion to the lost and involve for outreach as a team, working in unity, And our new mission church is  need a sponsor church to help us.

Now we have two familys that help me and please pray as I need more people to join with our ministry..

David Nguyen