Doing a CHAPTER Study


A disciple becomes immersed in the riches of God’s word, studying and applying it. Remember, they’re learning to feed themselves. Bible chapter studies are like mining. You’ll find gold if you work at it. This app helps a DiscipleMaker tutor a Disciple in this skill. Some insights:

Preliminary: like verse studies, most chapters in the Bible have a context (excluding Psalms and Proverbs). Whatever chapter is studied, the first task is to find the flow of thought surrounding it. 

Biblical materials: Suggest a chapter to the Disciple. Let’s use Romans 8 to illustrate a chapter study. JI Packer says Romans is the most important book, chapter 8 the most important chapter.

Then read, research, write, journal, personalize, pray. 

Observations: Chapter studies are diamonds. They’ll enrich you spiritually if you work hard mining them.  Consider doing it with another person or a small group, then share insights. 

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