D52: A Night of Romance at The Pathway Church

In November, The Pathway Church in Calgary hosted an event to develop friendships with acquaintances we had just met. This was an opportunity for us to invite new friends to see our church in a cool, creative way.

The event was called A Night of Romance. Each couple from our church that attended had to bring a lost couple to the event. It was designed to get couples to spend an evening of romance together. Each had their own table with a romantic flair, a red rose and seven words to help them com- municate and express their feelings as a couple. We prepared a four-course meal. As the couples ate, with roman- tic soft music in the background, they were asked to start the conversation by finishing a sentence about each word.

  • LOVE: I feel loved when you …

  • TRUST: I gain trust when you …

  • FORGIVENESS: Forgive me for …

  • JOY: You bring joy to my life when you …

  • RESPECT: I feel respected when you …

  • PATIENCE: Thank you for being patient with my …

  • COMMITMENT: I commit to make our marriage better by …

After the meal and conversation time, there was a concert by a Latin jazz band. Four professional musicians were hired. Two were not Christians; they came with their wives and participated in the program.

The couples were blessed. During the music time, we connected with non-believers. We built relationships and now we are in the process of the post-event: meeting on a regular basis. Five couples came to church and one accepted Christ so far. The Gospel was presented during the follow-up when we invited the couples to get together again in our home. After an event like this, they say yes to express their gratitude.

We do this to build relationships, to preach the Gospel and to be light to other couples.

As we said goodbye after the dinner, one of the friends we’ve been connecting with said: “Thank you for putting this together for us. It’s been a long time since we had a night of romance; you are all good people.” A wife sent this text to my phone: “I cannot say enough about how amazing it was. The two couples I invited absolutely loved it! The entire thing from decorations to food, environment and entertainment was just done well. Probably one of the best events I’ve ever been to targeted to couples. My friend came to church this Sunday and loved it. She invited her mom. My husband and I hung out with the couple and we invited them this weekend again.”

This is relational evangelism:

  • DEVOTE your life to praying for the lost on a weekly basis

  • DIRECT your life to community

  • DEVELOP new friendships, inviting them to well-devel- oped events, following up in order to

  • DECLARE the Gospel

  • Invite them to church and DISCIPLE those you reach

This is one of the events from D52.

When we love people and they become our friends, we earn the right to be heard. We become witnesses, light in darkness in order to bring joy with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you want to do this event in your church, contact me, Cesar Parra, and I can guide you in preparing it and help you find musicians.

Reprinted from the CNBC Horizon • February 2018